Authorized Immigrant Assistance On Legal Status

If you have a pending immigration issue and problems of the legal status, it can be a big mistake to accept help from just anyone. Only an accredited representative or a licensed attorney is qualified to assist you with your green card application or pending immigration case.

Since the outcome of your case will significantly influence your future and that of your family, you must take your case seriously and get help from someone who knows these issues and has helped others with these situations before. There’s a lot on the line with a complex immigration issue and it should not be ignored.

Unlike consultants, an immigration lawyer will have years of experience and education before becoming licensed to officially represent clients in immigration issues. You can identify whether or not a lawyer currently has good standing with your state bar or the state supreme court, but conducting an investigation online. You’ll also want to verify whether or not an immigration attorney has been expelled or suspended from practice before the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Immigration Service or the Immigration Court.

There are some accredited representatives who are not licensed attorneys and can provide some limited assistance in immigration matters, but these should always be authorized directly the Bureau of Immigration Appeals. You may have such a complicated immigration issue that you will only be able to rely on the extensive experience and background from a knowledgeable immigration lawyer. With any immigration issue, time is of the essence and your ability and willingness to get help from a knowledgeable attorney could make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

You should not hesitate to get help when you are concerned about a pending legal immigration issue or when you have questions about the best way to approach a present concern. These issues need to be addressed comprehensively and effectively as soon as possible and this is usually only done appropriately with the help of an immigration attorney who has years of background practicing in this field.