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How Long Does My Green Card Stay Valid?

Posted on : May 13, 2019
Knowing the expiration dates around any of your travel documents and permission to be in the country is crucial for immigration purposes. You can end up in a confusing or frustrating situation if you have not planned ahead properly. This is a big reason why plenty of people with immigration documents turn to a lawyer [Read More]
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Can I Get a Green Card Through a Family Connection?

Posted on : April 5, 2019
Are you looking to get help with a green card application? Are you overwhelmed by all the different paperwork found online or are you confused about whether or not you qualify under your family member? One of the most common questions presented to an immigration lawyer is whether you are able to obtain a green [Read More]
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What Happens If I Make A Mistake on An Immigration Form?

Posted on : March 13, 2019
Errors On Your Immigration Documents Filling out your paperwork appropriately reduces the chances of delays, denials or confusion in your immigration case. Due to the high volume of paperwork going through the USCIS, it is strongly recommended that you retain an immigration attorney to help you fill out the form properly the first time around. [Read More]
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What Is Citizenship Through Naturalization?

Posted on : March 6, 2019
There are a few different ways that an immigrant can be recognized as legally valid in the U.S. Each of these comes with different application requirements and parameters. It’s also important to realize that every route to citizenship might not be available to each person who would like to become a U.S. citizen. This is [Read More]
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Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Help Me with Form N-600?

Posted on : February 1, 2019
 Form N-600 is an official USCIS form for certificate of citizenship. This helps to serve as evidence for a child’s U.S. citizenship or your own citizenship. If you were born in another country but are claiming U.S. citizenship through your parents who are citizens in the U.S., you can file Form N-600. If you became [Read More]
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What Are Military Benefits and Parole in Place?

Posted on : January 7, 2019
Do you have advanced immigration concerns? If so, you need to talk to an experienced and dedicated lawyer immediately. Avoid what could amount to costly mistakes in your case and instead retain an attorney to help you with all of your applications and paperwork. Questions about immigration should only be handled by a knowledgeable immigration [Read More]
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What Important Facts Should You Know About Visas?

Posted on : December 28, 2018
Scheduling a consultation with an immigration attorney should be your first plan and line of attack when you have a complicated immigration issue. Consulting with a lawyer now might be the only way for you to avoid serious consequences or an administrative mess. If your visa has expired, the first thing you need to do [Read More]
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What You Need to Know About the Visa Interview for Employment Based Preferences

Posted on : December 11, 2018
Employment based preferences are some of the most complicated aspects of immigration law today and often can become confusing for employers and prospective employees alike. This is why both of these individuals tend to hire experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who have a track record of practicing in the field of immigration law so as to [Read More]
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What Is Humanitarian or Significant Public Benefit Parole?

Posted on : December 3, 2018
There are many different ways for a person to get legal access to the U.S. temporarily. All of these should be reviewed by an attorney to verify that you are indeed eligible for the type of entry at hand. For people outside the United States, asking questions about immigration can be very complicated, especially since [Read More]
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What Kind of Mistakes Do People Make at an Adjustment of Status Interview?

Posted on : November 16, 2018
One leading reason to retain an experienced immigration attorney is because of the possibility of making mistakes in your immigration adjustment of status interview. These mistakes can be catastrophic and can have ripple effects across your life that could impact your ability to get your green card. Individuals who file for adjustment of status to [Read More]
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