One leading reason to retain an experienced immigration attorney is because of the possibility of making mistakes in your immigration adjustment of status interview. These mistakes can be catastrophic and can have ripple effects across your life that could impact your ability to get your green card. Individuals who file for adjustment of status to get their green card in the United States will frequently need to appear at an office of USCIS, which happens several weeks or months after submitting the adjustment of status application.

It is easy to make simple mistakes but ones that can have lasting implications, including mistakes regarding what you say and do during the interview, mistakes regarding what you brought along with you to the interview and over-optimism about your ability to speak in the English language without the support of an interpreter. If you do not have all of the necessary documents with you at the time of the interview, the USCIS officer who interviews you may not be able to make a decision about your case that day.

This can lead to a delay of weeks or months as you will likely be asked to submit additional materials through the mail. The officer will then become reacquainted with your file and have to reopen it entirely. Don’t forget to bring any of the original documents that can help to support your application or documents that show changes in your life situation.

Not having a competent interpreter can have devastating effects on your ability to protect yourself and speak for yourself during such an interview. You need the support of an experienced immigration attorney who can walk you through every different type of question that will likely be asked and ensure that you have all of the appropriate materials with you before going to the interview. Make sure that you have retained an immigration attorney at the outset of your case.