Are You Considering Bringing Your Fiance To The USA?

There are some important elements involved when you are deciding whether or not to bring your fiance to the United States. Much of it involves paperwork and red-tape, and in many instances, a lot of time.  We cannot stress this part enough: you must be prepared for the amount of time that it takes to gather all of your documents,  complete and file applications and eventually, the interviews that follow.  Bringing your fiances to the states is not a quick and simple process and often, a fiance on the other end of the application does not understand why the process is taking so long.  Preparation is key here, not only for the sake of your application but for the sake of your relationship and sanity as well.

What Do I Have To Do To Get Started?

Prior to obtaining a K1 Visa (aka Fiance Visa) The very first thing that you will do is file an I-129 Petition (for alien fiance) with the USCIS to get the process started. The I-129 petition can be rejected if any part of your petition is missing information, it will be rejected.  You will need to have all of your information organized into two parts. The I-129 covers your information in the first part and your fiance’s information, as beneficiary, in the second part. Do not leave anything out, do not forget to sign the petition and by no means forget the biometric fee. The fee, as last reported is $535.00, this does not include any fees that you will pay in postage and keep in mind, the fee is non-refundable. If for whatever reason, your application gets denied or you change your mind, you will not receive a refund of any fee that you have paid.

To ensure that you do not miss any portion of the petition, there is a checklist available to keep you on track as your sort and gather your documents.

What’s Next? Below is a summary of what to expect, for more in depth information contact our office for assistance.

  • If your I-129 is approved it gets forwarded to Department Of State’s National Visa Center
  • Once the National Visa Center reviews your file, they forward the approved I-129 to the office where your fiance will then make their application for a K-1 Visa. This is usually the Consulate or the US Embassy where your Fiance resides.
  • You get notified of your Fiance’s visa interview and your fiance then applies for the K1 Visa. This can take several months. If approved the visa is normally good for several months depending on the country that your fiance resides in.
  • Once your fiance arrives, prepare to be married within 90 days of their arrival.


Get Help From An Experienced Texas Immigration Advocate

To ensure that you follow all of the proper steps and not risk being rejected, it is always best to seek the assistance of an experienced Texas immigration attorney. This will ensure that you avoid any mistakes along the way and have to reset the clock on your expectation of the time that it will take to get your fiance here. Contact Zavala Immigration Lawyer for assistance today.