If you are an immigrant at risk of being deported, you should retain an attorney to help defend you so you can stay in America. Here’s what your lawyer may ask during your consultation and who you should contact in the event that you were notified of your impending deportation. 

How Did You Enter the United States? 

How you originally entered the U.S. matters in a deportation defense. For example, if you are under the threat of being deported due to the expiration of your visa, this will likely create a better defense than if you entered illegally. 

Have You Committed Any Crimes? 

Committing a criminal offense is immediate grounds for deportation in many immigration cases. Your lawyer will ask you about any crimes you have been charged with or have committed in the past so you can be prepared with defenses when testifying to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

Do You Have Other Family Members Living In America? 

Be sure to discuss with your lawyer any other family members of yours that are currently living in the U.S. For example, if you take care of an elderly family member or a child who would otherwise have no assistance, this may be considered in your defense. 

What Documents Have You Received From Government Agencies? 

Your deportation defense lawyer will want to know what letters, emails, or other documents you’ve received from government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Give your attorney copies of any documents you were sent and keep the originals for yourself in a safe place; you may need them later. 

Are You Afraid to Go Back to Your Home Country? Why? 

In cases where an immigrant has reason to believe themselves or their family would be subject to persecution if they were deported to their home country, asylum may be a viable defense. Discuss with your attorney exactly what kind of persecution you might face and allow them to paint an accurate picture of why your deporatation could be detrimental. 

How an Experienced Texas Immigration Lawyer Can Help Defend You Against Deportation 

A seasoned Texas immigration attorney can help defend you and your family from deportation. Contact Eluid Zavala today to discuss your deportation case and to learn what steps you should take next to protect your legal rights and your family’s future. Call our office now at 713-766-6720.