Errors On Your Immigration Documents

Filling out your paperwork appropriately reduces the chances of delays, denials or confusion in your immigration case.

Due to the high volume of paperwork going through the USCIS, it is strongly recommended that you retain an immigration attorney to help you fill out the form properly the first time around. However, if you did not retain an immigration lawyer and tried to send this in on your own and now realize that you’ve made a mistake, it can be another error to leave this mistake uncorrected and hope for the best possible outcome in your case. If you catch the mistake before the government has had the opportunity to respond to your form, the mistake is easier to correct.

What Mistakes Should I Address Right Away?

A mistake in information that would impact your eligibility for the benefit you are hoping for or a mistake that misidentifies you is something you will want to correct immediately. You need to contact the agency who received your form if you believe that your form filed with USCIS has a mistake on it. Sometimes customer service can address your problem right away.

What Info Do I Need to Get on My Call?

Make sure that you collect the reference number regarding the case so that you can call back again to verify the status. The best possible outcome is that you are able to correct this mistake before USCIS knows about it. They may accept your correction if you notify them and start working on your form. However, if the USCIS has already begun working on your case and then discovers the mistake, they might send you a request for evidence or they could reject your original form and demand that you start all over again. Both of these are not optimal outcomes and should prompt you to hire an immigration attorney.

The one thing you want to avoid during your immigration case is any delay, challenge, or problem that could affect your status. It can be very hard to sort out a mistake made on a form after the fact. That’s why it’s recommended that you get the form right the first time around by working with an immigration lawyer you can trust. Contact Zavala Immigration today to schedule a consultation.