Are you interested in immigrating to the United States?

This can be a long, complex process that takes a toll both mentally and financially. Many immigrant hopefuls end up with their applications denied due to simple mistakes that can be avoided. Don’t make the following errors to increase your chances of immigration success.

Neglecting to Send In All Required Forms 

There’s more to submitting an immigration application than just the application itself. Often, immigrants are required to submit a large number of supporting documents. Supporting documentation usually includes utility bills sent to your home address, a marriage certificate, or other important documents. If they fail to do so, the application is usually automatically denied.

Submitting Untranslated Documents 

All documentation submitted with your immigration application must be in English. If you have supporting documentation that is in your native language — such as your original record of birth from your home country — you will be required to submit a certified and signed English translation. Otherwise, your application is likely to be denied.

Not Signing Your Immigration Application 

Surprisingly, one of the most common reasons a U.S. immigration application is denied is because the hopeful immigrant forgot to sign the documentation. If an immigration application isn’t signed by the person applying, it will be immediately rejected without reviewing any other documentation. It’s always a good idea to have your application reviewed by an immigration lawyer to ensure no fields are missing.

Not Being Familiar With Your Criminal Record 

Simply having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify you from immigrating to the United States. However, depending on the crimes you were charged with or convicted of, it may. The best thing you can do is be familiar with your criminal history and understand why you were arrested, what you were charged with, and how you can satisfy court-ordered requirements. This way, you’re not caught off guard during your immigration interview when the interviewer asks about your criminal history and can answer questions calmly and confidently. 

Not Hiring an Experienced Immigration Lawyer 

If you are applying for immigration to the United States, it’s important that you have someone on your side who understands the legal complexities of the American immigration process. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting to hire an immigration attorney. Contact Attorney Eluid Zavala for more information about your immigration rights or for help with your immigration application by calling 713-766-6720.