Many people are concerned about the impact of their immigration case if they cannot consult with an experienced immigration lawyer as soon as possible after they have been identified as a possible criminal. Anyone who has the potential for being accused of a crime in the United States may face serious consequences for their immigration status including being deported. A new study has shown that illegal immigration does not increase violent crime. Four different academic studies indicate that illegal immigration does not increase the rate of drug and alcohol problems or violent crime in the United States. To determine this, one researcher looked at the significant increases in illegal immigration over the last several decades and sought to find out whether they were connected with a similar increase in robbery, murder, rape and aggravated assault.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Criminology recently published the results and findings and in a separate study, the researchers also looked at nonviolent crimes. The research project identified that there were not expected increases in alcohol or drug arrests or DUI deaths. Another third study looked at the criminal conviction and arrest rates in Texas, identifying that they were lower than those for native born U.S. people for larceny, sexual assault, and murder. If you are concerned about your legal status in America, you need to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer immediately.

When the police even suspect that you could be guilty of a crime, they often respond quickly if your immigration status could be affected. Any criminal activity, whether alleged or charged, should prompt c a call to an immigration lawyer immediately. When you get an attorney on your side working with you, it’s possible to avoid some of the negative consequences of criminal allegations.

When someone who has non-citizen status in the US is accused of a crime, the situation must be taken seriously from the outset, even if the accused person is sure of their innocence.