Form N-600 is an official USCIS form for certificate of citizenship. This helps to serve as evidence for a child’s U.S. citizenship or your own citizenship. If you were born in another country but are claiming U.S. citizenship through your parents who are citizens in the U.S., you can file Form N-600.

If you became a U.S. citizen after your birth but prior to turning 18 years of age, Form N-600 can also assist you with providing proof of citizenship. If you already have a U.S. passport issued by the Department of State, you may be curious about whether or not you need a certificate of citizenship.

Anyone who resides abroad but acquired U.S. citizenship should seek to obtain evidence of that citizenship through a passport application with the Department of State. In many of these cases an individual must be living in the United States to apply for a certificate of citizenship.

Even if you have a passport you may need citizenship for other things in the United States, such as passport renewal, financial aid, employment, a learning permit or driver’s license and social security benefits.

Not every applicant who files a Form N-600 has to go through the interview process, but due to the possible complexity of this form and any confusing or difficult issues that you may face during the process of filling it out and submitting it, you need to schedule a consultation with a dedicated immigration lawyer who is familiar with these kinds of cases.

Filing your paperwork properly the first time around can reduce the possibility for delays, denials and other issues.