Study Shows That U.S. Immigrant Population Has Boomed

Posted on : November 9, 2017
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Immigration is a hot button issue and it’s one area of the law that is constantly involving, as any experienced immigration attorney can tell you. Since the law is being evaluated and updated, the status of millions of people in the United States is affected every time things change. For that reason, anyone with questions [Read More]

New Study Shows that Immigrants a Crucial Component of Future Long Term Care

Posted on : July 6, 2017
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  If you have recently immigrated to the U.S. to accept a job in the booming healthcare market, you probably have questions related to your citizenship that can be addressed with a Texas immigration attorney. Furthermore, any company in the healthcare field wanting to hire foreign staff should be fully educated about the various elements [Read More]

President Trump Focuses on H-1B Visas

Posted on : May 26, 2017
H-1B Visas: New Focus By Donald Trump The H-1B visa program has come under fire in recent years due to allegations from employers that the random lottery makes it nearly impossible and far too random to get the necessary visa approval for critical employees from abroad.   Employers must be prepared for the major changes [Read More]