What Can You Do To Prepare For A Meeting With An Experienced Immigration Attorney?

If you’re already facing an immigration issue, you should get a lawyer as soon as possible to help you. If your lawyer can step into the case sooner rather than later, you’re in a much better position to address the immigration issues. Setting up an initial phone call is important so you know that you can count on this attorney to represent your best interests.

Do you believe that you have an immigration issue that will require the insight of a lawyer? If so, you have already made a critical decision to protect your future by retaining legal representation for what may be a complicated process. You should never underestimate the specifics and complexity associated with handling a U.S. immigration issue.

The paperwork alone can be especially overwhelming for someone who has never handled a situation like this before, and identifying the right attorney to assist you can dramatically increase your chances of success. There are several different steps that you should take before meeting directly with the attorney. This includes:

  • Putting together basic information such as your contact details and your employer’s contact information.
  • Write down any events or dates associated with your case.
  • Make copies of any important documents related to your immigration status including any paperwork provided to you by USCIS.
  • Bring all copies of court documents and police records if you have a criminal record.
  • Organize everything in an envelope or a folder.
  • Conduct research on your own to figure out whether or not there are details out there about your immigration issue that you may be able to ask questions about at the lawyer’s office.
  • Write down any questions that you haven’t yet asked even if you have already spoken to your attorney over the phone.
  • Ask someone to go with you if you are not confident in your English-speaking skills.

These situations are complicated enough to deal with, but trying to navigate a communications barrier can be extremely overwhelming for someone who already has enough to worry about. Find a lawyer who can help you or provides translation services.  

Hire an immigration lawyer for help with your claim.