How Does Being Accused Of  A Crime Impact Your Immigration Status?

A recent study identified that 21{f37c4f09dc85e18e6e41e9de706c8098644dbcc089aee1dc0ee2d14408c2f28c} of those who are convicted of non-immigration crimes in the United States were non-citizens. This represented two and half times their share of the population.

If you’re not careful and you’re accused of a crime, your future could be critically impacted by such an issue. The right legal guidance is necessary to protect your rights.

Being accused of a crime can have significant consequences in terms of facing the penalties inside the United States, but it can also disrupt your immigration status. It goes without saying that in a complicated situation such as this, you need to talk to an immigration attorney as well as a criminal defense attorney immediately.

It may not always be easy to figure out how your immigration issues will be managed alongside criminal allegations, but the right lawyer will be a powerful advocate for you. If you are charged with a crime, you could plead guilty, agree to a guilty plea for a less serious crime, or plead not guilty and go to court. If you are found guilty of a crime, you could have significant immigration consequences including being deported, being put in detention while the deportation case is still going on, having your application for permanent residence or citizenship denied and being unable to return to United States for years or being permanently barred from returning.

This can even be true if you have been found guilty of a misdemeanor, if the conviction is very old, if you are given court supervision or probation and if you have lived or worked in United States for many years.

Because of the serious consequences that can affect you as well as your loved ones based on the outcome of your case, it is imperative that you identify a criminal defense as well as an immigration lawyer immediately. Anytime that you have been accused of a crime in a wrongful manner, you need a lawyer at your side to navigate the complex criminal justice and immigration system with you.